Saturday, November 9, 2013

children or parents decided extracurricular activities

Children today do many extracurricular activities . Parents should choose them head-on, taking into account the interests and tastes of the child.

There are parents that plague their children during childhood extracurricular activities . It is true that in many families , extracurricular activities are a "solution" to keep the child occupied when no one is home. Beyond that comes the family well , you have to discuss a bit before deciding .

Parents and children decide

Parents should talk with ourselves and with the child to know what is most appropriate extracurricular activity for him. Besides that suits you, it is important that the child feel comfortable and happy to participate in something he likes .

Depending on the character you have our child , we make the decision. Do not project the wishes of parents in children, but actually adapt to your way of being.

Children , skills , activities and skills

According to the activity they decide to target our child , we can " push " on first contact and development activities. Eg

    Sports : soccer , tennis , martial arts ... They promote mental and physical development , as well as respect , tolerance with other kids and teamwork.
    Artistic activities : theater, dance , music, drawing . These activities emphasize creative skills , imagination , manual dexterity of children.
    Academic Activities : English, computer ... help your child's academic development . Parents are advised to integrate as a form of entertainment , not to be seen by children as an extension of the school.

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